In Memory of John Costa WB2AUL

21 Jun 1945 - 20 May 2019

John was a member of the Yonkers Amateur Radio Club since the mid 1970s and had served on its board and as its president for many years.  Any one involved in amateur radio in the area has probably spoken to him at one time or another.  He was a fixture on the club repeater and there was a good chance that you would catch him there at anytime during the day.  John was always very friendly to those who stopped by the repeater, welcoming all he spoke to. Old timer or new to the hobby, John would always make everyone feel at home.  Whether you needed help solving a radio problem or you were lost and needed directions, he was a great ambassador for the club and the hobby.

John welcomed me to the club in the early 90s when I first got my license.  As my family grew and I became more involved with my kid's activities, I dropped out of the hobby for a while.  When I turned my radio on again after 14 years John was the 1st person that I spoke to, it almost felt as though he was waiting for me to come back.  Since returning i would speak to John every morning on my way to work (and usually on the way home too) on what he liked to call the "Morning Show"  We would talk about everything from politics to tomatoes to auto repair and sometimes even radios.  If you had a question about anything he usually had a pretty good answer for you.  I could always count on hearing him call me as soon as I would get into the car in the morning.  I'm going to miss him and our friendship, but he will always live on in my memories.  Rest in peace my friend.


73 de KF2FK