Nick Messina N2XBR – SK

            On January 25, 2013 a fellow ham and very good friend passed away after struggling with several illnesses over the past few years.  Nick – N2XBR was a past YARC member and board member.  I met Nick on the CB over 30 years ago and we quickly became good friends.  Through the years we worked together at Sears, played music together in a band and became Amateur Radio operators together.  Nick was the epitome of a “good guy.” Before he became ill he was always willing to help out.  He would help other hams put up antennas or volunteer his truck to transport equipment to field day or pick up equipment for our repeater site.  Over the past few years Nick did not have the strength to participate in club activities, but he was always listening.  He was also a family man leaving behind his wife and two sons.  Hopefully one day his sons will share their father’s interest ham in radio.  Nick was a good guy, a good father, a good ham and a good friend and he will be missed.

- Mike KF2FK